The series was launched on You Tube Channel: Carla Parris LLB, LLM as a free educational web series which could be used as a resource for entertainment industry stakeholders and provide access to a wide database of business issues and solutions. To date, carnival content typically broadcasts the festival element, however, this is the first educational show of its kind, targeted to creatives, carnival goers, commercial entities, government agencies and internationally based entities. It is designed to educate on the value of our creative products, the legal and business aspects to be considered and to position our well-known musicians, designers, event producers and creative practitioners as business persons.

The Business of Carnival Series consists of four seasons filmed in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Los Angeles (Hollywood)
Two years later, it was streamed on Caribbean Airlines, it next became a show on Trinidad and Tobago Television (TTT) and is now featured on The Roku Channel.
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