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About Course

In this three-part introductory class, you are going to learn three of the key principles involved in developing and marketing a strong brand.

  • Branding and trademark protection for business growth.
  • How to avoid Intellectual Property infringement when advertising on digital media.
  • How to partner effectively with Influencers using contracts.

What Will You Learn?

  • Common Branding Errors
  • Whether your brand and slogan can qualify for trademark protection
  • The steps in the trademark registration process
  • Tips for generating revenue globally from your trademark
  • The impact that the look and feel of your brand can have on a customer
  • The aesthetic aspects of selecting the right brand
  • The importance and value of having a brand registered as a trademark
  • How to use photographs & music in your advertisements on digital media without infringing Intellectual Property
  • The differences between traditional and modern advertising
  • What types of Intellectual Property assets are used in marketing content
  • Common practices, mistakes, and tips to avoid infringement
  • How to align with the right influencers for your brand
  • The key clauses in influencer contracts so that you enter into deals on a solid foundation
  • How to identify which clauses are beneficial for your specific arrangement with an Influencer

Course Content


  • Branding and Trademark Protection for Business Growth



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Branding and Trademark Protection for Business Growth
How to Avoid Intellectual Property Infringement on Digital Media
How to Partner Effectively with Influencers Using Contracts
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